At Montessori Matters we recognise every child’s hunger to learn. This is enhanced through the principles of Montessori by way of active participation. The teacher is there to direct the child, not to teach them; to encourage, never discourage.  She offers direction to them when needed, allowing them the freedom within a safe, prepared environment to learn, develop and grow.  She starts by being active by presenting activities to the child and then gradually becomes passive as the child becomes more active in their learning. 

At Montessori Matters we offer a structured programme in an open classroom environment, giving individualised education to each child.  Each child will receive one-to-one tuition which will direct them through the Montessori materials over a one or two year programme.  Our low teacher/child ratios ensure each child’s development is closely monitored and each child receives individual attention and learning.

The school will fully satisfy the requirements of your child’s absorbent mind, his sensitive periods and his three stage learning process.  The classroom is non-competitive; your child will choose his own work and will do it at his own pace.  Our teaching is child led and whilst having defined structures to ensure a safe environment, the classroom will allow flexibility and will be open to encourage full development of the child.  Our classrooms offer a safe, structured environment within which the child is free to do and learn at their own pace.

The Montessori environment fully satisfies the requirements of a child’s developmental stages.  They will explore the world through their senses and own activity.  They will develop a love of learning.