Whilst children may get the opportunity to play and mix with other children through other childcare settings they may not necessarily be developing their full potential.  The first six years of a child’s life are vital for their development as they absorb all things around them.  It is during these first six years that all patterns for their future thought and behaviour are firmly established.   

The Montessori method of education is based on the fact that children pass through phases that, at certain stages throughout their development, they have sensitivity to learning.  If any phase during the child’s development is hindered or missed, it will have an adverse effect on them.  For example, a child’s sensitivity to language begins around 3 months and lasts up to about 5 ½ years.  By the age of six the child will have acquired a large vocabulary, from almost no direct teaching.  If a child has not been exposed to language regularly during this period it will greatly affect the child going forward

At Montessori Matters your child will receive every opportunity to develop their potential.  They will be introduced to skills and qualities necessary for them to live in a full, independent and safe way.  They will learn skills they will require in everyday life - personal development, care of the environment, care of the person and social skills. They will work with materials to develop their senses.  They will experience the joy of learning to read and write through language development.  Culture will introduce them to the world they live in, as well as others societies and traditions.  And through maths, they will gain an excitement and affection for problem solving that many of us never experienced.  They will explore, play, learn, negotiate, enjoy and above all develop a love of learning which will stay with them throughout their life.