In addition to teaching Montessori, we implement Aistear: the National Curriculum Framework for Early Years.   Aistear is one of the foundations for a child’s education when they progress to primary school and it is, therefore, essential that it is part of the child’s experience with us.


Each month we have various themes that incorporate Aistear’s four main themes; Well Being, Communication, Exploring & Thinking and Identity & Belonging. 

  • - Well Being focuses on developing as a person.  It has two main elements: psychological well being  (including feeling and thinking) and physical well-being
  • - Communication is about children sharing their experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings with others with growing confidence and competence in a variety of ways and for a
  •   variety of purposes
  • - Exploring & Thinking is about children making sense of the things, places and people in their world by interacting with others, playing, investigating, questioning, and forming,
  •   testing and refining ideas
  • - Identity & Belonging is about children developing a positive sense of who they are, and feeling that they are valued and respected as part of a family and community

Topics such as ‘Our Teeth’, ‘Our Solar System, ‘All About Me’ are an example of sample themes covered in throughout the day and in circle time.  These themes are sent to parents in our monthly themes and are be on display outside the children’s classroom.


There is such a wonderful synrgy between the Montessori method of teaching and the Aistear Themes that both curriculum work very well together.  Each Montessori exercise can be linked to  most if not all the Aims and Learning Goals of Aistear.  Because both curriculum work so well together it gives the child the best learning experience possible.